Pizza night

Goat cheese & mushroom pizzaWhen my daughter was approaching her 2nd birthday and my son was 5, we had the good fortune of receiving an invitation to go on a Caribbean cruise with my sister’s family.

My son was going through his picky eating phase, but had no trouble finding something he liked in one of the many buffets on the ship. Although he was hesitant to try new foods, being a big pizza aficionado, he couldn’t help but show interest when I discovered a slice of goat cheese pizza. After trying a bite, he started eating goat cheese pizza at lunchtime for several days.

The pizza was heavy on goat cheese, but also had different varieties of mushrooms obscured in the cheese. My son had never been a fan of  fungus in any shape or form, so I just kept quiet about the mushrooms and let him happily eat the pizza oblivious to its true nature.

Some days into the pizza-eating adventure, he suddenly stopped eating and asked, “what’s this brown thing?” It didn’t matter that he had previously been enjoying the pizza; once he knew it contained mushrooms, he wouldn’t touch it.

Five years later, my son’s diet contains much more variety, and he has often asked me to make goat cheese pizza for Sunday dinner (our traditional pizza night).  I found this recipe at My Madison Bistro that seemed to closely resemble the fare on the ship.

We used shitake and oyster mushrooms in our pizza. It is fairly simple to make: brush olive oil on the crust, add a light coating of mozzarella & parmesan, and top with sauteed mushrooms and goat cheese. My only deviation from the recipe was that I sauteed the mushrooms in olive oil instead of butter.

This pizza was much heavier on the mushrooms than the one we had originally eaten (there would be no way to sneak them past a five-year-old), but it was probably an improvement since too much goat cheese can make the pizza a little too rich.

Now, if I could just get my daughter to try it, it would be a meal the whole family could enjoy.

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